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Words and Music for Manifesting Series (Helpful Spiritual Tools to Help You Call Forth Your Highest Good)
Available in book, CD, or audio cassette formats in 4 volumes.
The Book format shows a variety of examples of spiritual tools which may be used or adapted by the reader. Recorded formats feature spoken text, plus examples of spiritual tools read aloud.

In this series, Michael shares powerful tools and information he has learned on his journey as a seeker of universal spiritual truth. Volume one focuses on mandalas and on new ways to adapt them for use in manifesting our dreams and love-based desires. Volume two covers affirmations and how helpful they can be in manifesting our dreams and desires. Volume three is on the power of prayer, specifically prayer with the aim of manifesting positive change. Volume four is on the importance of being open to new thoughts and ideas, since they can help us reach our spiritual and temporal goals.

Poems of Spirit and Humanity, (Spiritual Poems and Music by Michael D. Purvis - Great for Prayer/Meditation Time or Just to Enjoy!)
Available as a book containing color art prints by the author, or in CD or audio cassette formats.
Like Michael's Within recording of original songs, Poems of Spirit and Humanity is perfect enrichment material for a special prayer or meditation time. Its recurrent theme of the soul searching for God and Spirit will strike a familiar chord in all those who are seekers. Michael reads his beautiful poetry in a clear expressive voice. Sets of poems are interspersed with original, meditative musical interludes.
Contents includes: four musical interludes composed by the author (heard only in the CD or audio cassette format), eighteen poems on spiritual themes, plus color illustrations/photographs by the author.

Harp and Quill Series, Poems and Music for Life's Journey (Inspiring Original Poems with Musical Interludes: Great for Prayer/Meditation Time or Everyday Reading!)
Available in book, CD, or audio cassette formats in 5 volumes.
Book format contains text and photographs or illustrations by the author.

Have you forgotten the joys and benefits of good poetry? These wonderful poems and musical interludes by poet and composer Michael D. Purvis are beautiful, insightful and written on a variety of poignant themes. Each volume contains a poem on each of the following topics: humanity, nature, love, memory and dreams, family, spirituality- plus a story or prose poem, a poem which is a portrait, and a poem of personal perspective. Upon reading these wonderful poems, you may be tempted to take up the pen yourself. Perhaps the Muse will speak to you! Remember, poetry is good for the soul!

Traveling Troubadour Journal Series (Insightful Journal Entries with Musical Interludes- Great for Prayer/Meditation time or Anytime!)
Available in book, CD, or audio cassette formats in 4 volumes.
Book format contains text and photographs or illustrations by the author.

The journal is a wonderful and highly underrated genre! A journal kept by a thoughtful, observant person can be filled with useful and beautiful insights. Let author, poet, artist, and traveling musician Michael D. Purvis take you on a delightful journey as you travel with him through his life and on his many trips to perform uplifting, musical programs for the elderly at Elder care facilities.
In these four volumes of journals, Michael shares his daily life and his spiritual journey with you, including: epiphanies, synchronicities, relationship growing pains, evolving spirituality, and new insights. You will find it's informative and reassuring to experience an in depth look into the life of someone who, like yourself, is paying attention to the influence of Spirit in their life. Perhaps you'll even become inspired to keep your own journal. Remember, journal keeping is great therapy and a wonderful spiritual tool which aids one in personal development and transformation!

The Language of Absence
(A Novel of Expiation, Release, and Transformation.)

Available in CD, cassette, or book formats.
A young professor living in the shadow of a family curse and an absent mother…
An estranged literary father longing for life to have the nobility of his childhood cowboy heroes…
An unhappy lover and a curious assortment of friends…
all struggle to release their own, unique inner anguish- while from beyond the veil of death, yet very near, is a magical grandfather who just may hold the key for all, as he subtly directs from behind the scenes, using the vehicle of dreams, moving all towards expiation, release, and transformation. This is an appealing, very human tale, told with memory and dreams as an almost tangible part of the action.

Across the Lines (A Novel of Personal Transformation, Self-Realization, & Love… Set in the Age of E-mail.)
Available in CD, cassette, or book formats.
Soon to be former teacher and budding writer Joshua Michaels seems to feel compelled to leave everything he knows and loves as he works through his grief over losing his partner of ten years. He has decided to go to Greece to write, hoping the golden grasses and smooth pebbled beaches of Crete will inspire him and give him the healing that he needs. But just before his departure, his very sweet-natured e-mail friend, a writer from the South, comes to pick up Joshua's dog. His e-mail friend ends up staying the week, and carving a place into Joshua's heart. "Now what?" Joshua wonders.
On Crete, Joshua's new friend Olive reads him the poems of Sappho in the evenings, and black robed priests in the monastery next door offer a peaceful place to meditate and pray during the day. The taverna down the road has ouzo and delicious Turkish coffee, and his new little room at the Peace Center has louvered doors opening to the ocean. What more could one ask for? Joshua writes and attempts to heal his heart and soul in the warm sun of Crete. Perhaps he has found a new home. Perhaps this beautiful idyllic life here on Crete is enough.
But somehow, he keeps thinking of his sweet-natured e-mail friend...

Little Notes, A Book for Spouses and Partners (A wonderful gift for you and the one you love!)
Available in CD, cassette, or book formats.

Do you & your spouse or partner leave each other little notes?
Sometimes a little note says it best: "I'm sorry…," "I love You…," Thank you…," "You dirty rat, I'm so mad at you!" This is a delightful book for you and your significant other. Enjoy it separately or together. Either way, you'll both smile and laugh as you recognize quite a bit of yourselves!


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