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Abundant Change is for Everyone!
At AbundantChange.com, we strive to:
•help adults realize their dreams and reach their potential
•affirm couples and spouses
•delight and uplift senior citizens
•positvely guide and motivate children, youths and young adults
through affordable & FREE fiction, journals, poetry, music and self help materials
in book, CD, cassette and video formats.

How to Order from Abundant Change

Once you have completely filled out the form, click the print button to print out your order. Please be sure to include your email address on your order form. Then mail the order form along with your check/money order and mail to:


4. Allow normal time for the mail, plus a few business days to process your order.

5. Upon receipt of your order form/payment in the mail, you'll receive an email explaining how to download your order online.

6. Download your order according to the instructions in the email referred to in #5 above.

7. Enjoy! :)

It's that simple!

Regarding Abundant Change audio and video files:
Most Abundant Change CDs and videos are usually about 30 - 45 minutes in length. A few are shorter, and some are significantly longer. Customers may download these to their computer and/or onto a cd or (dvd so that they can utilize these materials in dvd players hooked up to tvs, or in boomboxes or stereos).

About our books:
Abundant Change books vary in length. The anthology contains many works and is very good value for it's price. Abundant Change books, once downloaded, may be printed out, 3 hole punched and put into a binder, or printed out and bound in some other simple fashion. Or, they may be simply read on one's computer.

How can you get the best value from Abundant Change materials?
It is suggested that the viewer utilize the option of downloading entire series in various formats in order to take advantage of the 20% off discount.

Regarding Copyright:
All works are copyrighted and are the sole intellectual property of their author, Michael D. Purvis, AbundantChange.com, and Music Outreach Publishing.

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