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Abundant Change is for Everyone!
At AbundantChange.com, we strive to:
•help adults realize their dreams and reach their potential
•affirm couples and spouses
•delight and uplift senior citizens
•positvely guide and motivate children, youths and young adults
through affordable & FREE fiction, journals, poetry, music and self help materials
in book, CD, cassette and video formats.

How Can Abundant Change help me become happier and more filled with love?

Whenever you come to visit us at Abundant Change…
you will find a wide selection of affordably priced materials which are positive and delightful.

You can order each in your choice of formats…
including: book, CD, cassette or video.

Our offerings feature topics which are…
meaningful and significant to the growth of each person as an individual, citizen, human, or soul.

Whether you are looking for uplifting materials for
a child, youth, adult, couple or senior citizen…

there is plenty to interest each of these audiences on AbundantChange.com.

New materials are released frequently, and we have free-stuff…so visit often!

Are you ready to take an incredible, beautiful, love-filled, and life-expanding journey together?

Click on the category of Books and recordings you are interested in
with our quick product links directly below:


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Young Adults Youths Children
Those Healing/Dealing with Serious Illness

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Your one stop free and affordable site for growth, fulfillment and happiness
through live programs, lessons and sessions. Learn to play music! Learn to play guitar! Learn to play piano! Learn to sing! Change your life! Uplift yourself and others!


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